Africa’s health

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A vision for transformative ownership and capacity building for Africa’s health

The previous discussion topic on creating synergies and building capacity for Africa’s health has generated a vibrant debate which resulted positive actions which continue up to now.  So let us carry on. Genuine dialogue is taking place over the four meetings on health workers and MDG 4 and 5 and led to a coordination meeting in Nairobi convened by GHWA and the APHRH. A synthesis document on the collective outcome of the four meetings was circulated in Tunis last week at the conference of African Health and Finance Ministers.  What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations are due to Ashgovnet members and Development partners for demonstrating our ability to be synergistic.

The Potential of Health Professionals Assoc. in Africa

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During the month of September, 2011, I was a guest speaker at the annual meeting of the Norwegian Medical Association (NMA) which was celebrating 125 years of existence.  This was also the 6th Conference on Global Health and Vaccination Research in Norway.  There were some 250 participants from all parts of Norway and representing a variety of institutions who are active participants in the work of the NMA. I met many delegates from African countries such as Malawi, Tanzania, Sudan, Ghana, and Uganda representing Professionals Associations and other institutions in their respective countries.

If Countries Lead Will Donors Follow?

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During our previous discussion on reclaiming the "can do" attitude among African techno-professionals, we were reminded of the era of great expectations when African economies were performing well and social services were provided without the need for visible donor support. Then followed the era of decline when African economies collapsed and went into debt; becomingheavily donor dependent and earning the shameful classification of Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HPIC). I wish they had coined a more euphemistic title!

Proposing African Forum for Sharing and Networking

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Last month I participated at the 38th Global Health Council (GHC) in Washington DC, USA which took place during the week 14 – 18 June 2011 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. There were over 2000 registered participants from all over the world. Although the theme of the meeting was Non Communicable Diseases(NCD), there was a very wide range of topics addressed which ranged from health systems, NCDs, HIV and other infectious diseases, ICTs in health etc. The meeting was well organized and vibrant. It is believed to be the biggest global health annual gathering surpassing the World Health Assembly. The majority of the participants were USA health actors of all types. Clearly this is the meeting of the year for many of them.

Africa in the global health arena

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Francis Omaswa reflects on how difficult it is to get Africa’s voice heard at international fora, if the participants fail to take their roles as seriously as they should.

This is the season for the Annual World Health Assem­bly (WHA) which will run from 13th - 24th May 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. In order to save money and take advantage of the delegations going to the WHA, it is customary for other meetings to take place during the week before and much fewer after the WHA in Geneva or other European cities. There are also meetings that take place in Geneva alongside the WHA which does not please the WHO bureaucracy as they encroach on the time of the delegates to WHA.