Prof. Omaswa , Dr. Mungherera tip on how to successfully fight Ebola

on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.

Uganda has had at least five outbreaks of Ebola since 2000 - most recently in 2012 and was able to contain the outbreaks.

Dr. Francis Omaswa, the Executive Director at the African Center for Global Health and Social Transformation says there is much to be learned from the way Uganda handled all the Ebola outbreaks. Talking during a panel discussion at the ASPEN institute in New York, U.S Prof. Omaswa shared some lessons Uganda learnt during the different Ebola outbreaks.

“You first need to win the trust of the population. Lesson number 2, controlling the epidemic will be done by the communities themselves [by] being able to identify those who are suspected to have the disease and to refer them to centers for tests, isolation and treatment," said Omaswa.

Another Ugandan, Margaret Mungherera, the President of World Medical Association says while the international community has done a lot to help, African leaders need to be the face of the epidemic.

“Decisions are being made outside the countries concerned. They are not allowing them to take the decisions that need to be done so in terms of building the leadership and developing the leadership, strengthening the leadership, there’s a lot that needs to be done," said Mungherera.

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