After the completion of one year of internship at the various hospitals in Uganda, the newest batch of UgandanPROF OMASWA RECEIVES AWARD FROM THE MEDICAL INTERNS FEDERATION PRESIDENT  DR. MARY LILLIAN NABWIREPROF OMASWA RECEIVES AWARD FROM THE MEDICAL INTERNS FEDERATION PRESIDENT DR. MARY LILLIAN NABWIRE doctors to complete internship were hosted to a dinner by the Federation of Ugandan Medical Interns (FUMI) on March 25, 2022.

During the dinner, FUMI recognised individuals and institutions that supported them.

The African Center for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST) received a Certificate of Appreciation, and the ACHEST Executive Director Prof. Francis Omaswa received an appreciation Award in plaque.

PROF. OMASWAS PLAQUEPROF. OMASWAS PLAQUEACHEST has for over three years held induction courses for newly qualified health professionals in Uganda including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

The objective of the course is to enable the young health professionals to be conversant with the Ugandan health system and the Ministry of Health Vision and Mission; to understand the basics of government procedures and rules and quality assurance in the health care system.

It also ensures that interns are prepared to work in the Ugandan health system and understand the referral system, job market, career progression and postgraduate training; and how to take good care of themselves.

In June 2020, the induction course won international recognition during the Health Workforce Resilience awards organized by Human Resources for Health 2030(HRH2030) Program


Prof Omaswa was recognized for guiding the Federation as they engaged the government of Uganda to raise their salaries, improve working conditions and also address unemployment of new graduated.

Commenting on the two awards, Prof. Omaswa remarked: “ Young professionals need support so that they feel loved and cared for by senior colleagues. They will do the same when they become leaders. The profession prospers and the public enjoy better services.”